Les Moonves sexual harassment allegations: Ronan Farrow’s report

SIX women have accused CBS chairman and chief executive Les Moonves of sexual harassment, according to Ronan Farrow’s latest report, published by The New Yorker on Friday.

Additionally, more than two dozen company employees, past and present, detailed incidents of harassment, gender discrimination or retaliation at CBS, the parent company of Australia’s Network Ten, the report said.

Moonves is one the highest paid people in the media industry, taking home $93 million ($US69.3 million) in 2017.

Dinah Kirgo, an Emmy-award winning writer of The Tracy Ullman Show, told Farrow that she and her sister had meetings with Moonves in the 1980s about a potential television deal, but that it ultimately went nowhere after Kirgo allegedly turned down a one-on-one dinner with Moonves.

“He said, ‘That was a great meeting, now we have to go out to dinner,’” she told the outlet. When she allegedly replied that she would be happy to schedule something alongside her sister, Moonves demurred.

“He said, ‘No, just you and me.’ He said, ‘You’re very expensive, and I need to know you’re worth it,’” Kirgo told Farrow.

“I was sort of in shock and I said, ‘Well, Leslie, I don’t think your wife would appreciate us having that kind of dinner.’”

media_cameraLes Moonves and his wife Julie Chen in 2016. Picture: Getty

CBS told Farrow that Moonves did not recall the conversation. Kirgo said she believed that rejecting Moonves’ alleged overtures hurt her career.

“It’s very insidious, what he did,” she said.

A former child star, only identified as Kimberly in the report, recalled a 1992 dinner meeting with Moonves. But when the friend who coordinated the dinner stepped away, the woman said Moonves aggressively pursued her.

“Let’s go. Let’s just get a hotel room. Let’s just do this,” she claimed Moonves said. “I said, ‘What are you talking about?’” When she said she explained that she had a child and was married, the CBS president allegedly became angered and left the restaurant.

She told Farrow that the intention to turn the meeting from professional to sexual in nature appeared to be well rehearsed. “It was set up to be that way,” she said. “I thought, wow, is this the way the world works and I just don’t get it?”

media_cameraThe CBS chairman and CEO is one of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry. Picture: AP

The allegations against Moonves, now 68, follow a report earlier in the day from The Hollywood Reporter, in which the publication said accusations against the executive would be forthcoming.

Chen issued a statement via Twitter today in support of her husband of 14 years:

Farrow won a Pulitzer Prize and helped spark the #MeToo movement when he exposed disgraced Hollywood heavy hitter Harvey Weinstein as a sexual predator in The New Yorker. This, after NBC famously passed on the story.

Farrow is set to explain his side of the story regarding why NBC passed in an upcoming book.

Fox News’ request for comment from CBS was not immediately returned.

This story originally appeared on Fox News and is republished here with permission.

Originally published as ‘Insidious’: CBS boss hit with allegations

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Les Moonves sexual harassment allegations: Ronan Farrow’s report

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